Support 1K

Every donation to 1K Nation is a step in the right direction to enhance the lives of our young people.

  • $25 per month will support a youth’s membership in our program for an entire program year
  • $30 per month will provide a youth the opportunity to develop computer and technology skills through the 1K Tech Suite
  • $500 will provide support for each area of our S.T.E.A.M Programming
  • $650 will provide opportunities for one of our youth to attend experience trips for the entire program year
  • $2000 will provide Educational Supplies for our entire program year
  • $3500 provides tools and resources for our Character and Leadership development programming for an entire program year
  • $3500 will provide Sports and Recreation equipment for our Sports and Fitness programs

To donate monies or gifts to our program, checks can be mailed to the address below or select the Make A Donation button below.
1K Nation Headquarters
Attention: Director of Development
P.O. Box 2438
Jacksonville, Florida 32203